Rob and Courtney | New Riff Distillery

We watched him. Fingers interlacing and clenched white knuckles. He was excited having waited more than a year for this moment. His style was consistent with someone well put together. He loved her. Oh, how he loved her! Her smile was contagious. Anyone who knew her would agree. Her heart warms your soul and if you’re around her, you know what we mean. You don’t have to know her to love her and that is why they make such an amazing couple.

Calm and emotional, those two feelings brought us into this wedding day. I grabbed Courtney’s hand when we got there, squeezed it and something happened. I felt a good friend holding me back. Someone we have grown with and walked with. We both became emotional and I knew that we were in the right place for the right wedding.

As a couple, they value being in the moment. Experiences are far greater than material things to Courtney and Rob. Courtney gave Rob the experience of a band complete with a saxophonist. Rob gave Courtney a VIP flight upgrade on their long honeymoon flight. Without prompting, they exchanged gifts that they would each hold in their hearts rather than their hands.

Their wedding was elegant and timeless. Rob and Courtney loved so hard on each other the whole day. They had some of the best friends and the best family that celebrated with them. They also win the “best of” reception, because their band was on fire, bringing life to the celebration in a unique way.

Courtney and Rob… you two… why do you have to be so darn lovable?! Your personalities allow everyone who meets you to want to know you more. You are so inviting and you both love with your whole hearts. We love you both so much. We’re looking forward to taking you up on the invitation for a double-date night you; you guys are stuck with us forever.

Aimee and Wesley


Samantha and Tyler | Richwood on the River

We woke up on Saturday June 22nd ready to drive 2 hours to this incredible venue in Kentucky. Right off country roads sat a beautiful mansion poised alongside the Ohio river. As we pulled in the white building welcomed us and all of the wedding-day vendors were there setting up for what was going to be an amazing day. The florists put finishing touches on the arrangements while the venue staff prepared the grounds for the outdoor wedding ceremony.

It was raining this day but we brushed it off like any other day. Rain brings good luck and in this case, Samantha and Tyler you are going to have some extra good luck. As we always tell our couples, let the day be what it is and enjoy everything about it. Samantha and Tyler beamed with love and laughter.

So as Samantha and Tyler prepped for their best day, we were there to document it. All of it. Rain drops, overflowing happiness, and tears of joy. The ceremony was nestled outside along a overlook. With rolling hills creating a dramatic backdrop to their vows it was easy to forget that we were in northern Kentucky and not in some idyllic valley nestled in the heart of the Smoky Mountains.

It was breathtaking.

As Samantha and Tyler exchanged vows, the family witnessed. Mothers dried their eyes as their children said, “I do!” It was a beautiful moment to see all the love and support they had from so many people that loved them.

Samantha and Tyler, enjoy these days together. They are the best ones. Each day, seize the moments that arise as opportunities to fall in love with each other all over again. You guys are such a perfect couple with an abounding amount of love for one another.

Aimee and Wesley


Lauren and Daniel | The Monastery

Imagine walking into a ballroom filled with smells of waffles, florals and warm vanilla candles. As you enter you hear the most classical “be our guest” Disney song playing over the whole ballroom. Everything is precisely where it was meant to be, waiting to dazzle all those in attendance. While everyone is still outside enjoying cocktail hour you get to stop, take a breath in and soak up that magical moment. This is a moment, with everything carefully arranged just so, that you’ll only get to experience once in a lifetime.

When friends and family arrived, they were invited to sign the guest “book”, a Jenga set. As guests wrote their notes on the blocks they stacked them up and the tower began to grow. The block building upon one other, the tower soon took on an impressive and tangible representation of the love that surrounds Lauren and Daniel.

Knowing this couple and their story about how bug spray led them together is one that has a special place in our hearts. Really, growing with this couple couldn’t have ended more perfectly. Our connection was there and it was so good. We knew each other by the time their wedding rolled around and we were able to celebrate with them after months of planning. We were so blessed with a gorgeous sun-soaked day to celebrate Lauren and Daniel’s love.

Both of you know you are special and your contagious love left us giddy.. We love you so very much and we hope that was displayed the whole day. We were welcomed by family and surrounded by one of the most beautiful venues in the city. Thank you for trusting us with your whole day.


Emily and Paul | The Madison

We still remember that day when we met at Starbucks. We remember the table and we remember our full conversation. Your questions were valid in every way as were your hesitations. We were there for you, to talk and go over everything that left you hesitant about the process of selecting your wedding photographer. We understood that was one of the biggest decisions you’d make while planning your wedding and we were happy to talk through every last detail that need to be covered.

Your memories are left in the hands of people you hardly know.

On that day and every day since, you trusted us. We built our relationship on a solid foundation from the beginning and let it grow from there.

You two have met distance eye to eye and faced what most couples don’t have to encounter. When Paul was at sea there were days when the ship’s communication was suddenly shut off. In that moment you had no communication with another and no idea when you might be reconnected. Months went by and you didn’t get to hug or hold one another, yet you kept pushing onward. As the ship that carried Paul across the ocean, your love weathered the storms and withstood the waves of uncertainty to stay on course. This is a true representation of a mighty and powerful couple.

We witnessed this on your wedding day. Your courageous love for one another and for your families that were combining. Through the emotions and the celebration we found ourselves loving every inch of your love story that was finally coming to life. That distance you once endured gave you a solid reason to to love so much harder.

Emily and Paul, we love you two. Really. When we say that we mean it and we hope that you felt our love on your wedding day. We hope that your family was taken care of and everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did. These photos are just a glimpse at what we witnessed because it was a true testament to a good, good love.

Aimee and Wesley