Lauren + Drew | The Transept, Cincinnati OH

A little past the one o’clock hour. Her dress was pulled easily over a perfect up-do, resting snug on the bride’s hips. From the lower portion of her bosom they began the puzzle. Interlacing each loophole over each button all the way up to the small of her back. In the reflection she finished. Sliding each stiff post through to clasp the back of her earrings. Slipping on her flats easily and gazing at her finished look. Taken aback that the time had finally arrived and she would soon be seeing him.

We knew that we lucked out when Lauren and Drew decided to book us. Together they are going to do great things. Their kind behavior, genuine smiles and overall compassion won us over. They are laid back and trusted us from the minor moments all the way to major details when it came down to planning their timeline. They trusted that the chilly minutes spent posing in the park would result in warm, lasting memories.

Lauren and Drew, you had a fantastic day! Looking around at your reception so many of your family and friends were enjoying themselves to the fullest; that is a true celebration. We wish you many years of love together and we are so thankful that our paths crossed yours. We wouldn’t be the couple we are today without meeting you. Thank you for trusting us and inviting us to be a part of your most-special day.


Chris + Jessica | Cincinnati, OH

Their bus awaited them outside, visible through a wall of glass that filled the lobby with a bright, natural glow. For a few moments, all eyes in the lobby are focused on these ten women, a smiling sea of blue surrounding Jessica. Brunch conversations were taking place and guests were sipping their coffee while secretly watching this beautiful bride walk through. On a path to meet her soon to be husband, In front of many they would soon exchanging their vows. The bus, loaded, set off for St. Andrew church.

Jessica has emotion that our hearts love. She is not afraid to show her love for Chris and takes in the intimate moments. They love each other well, compliment the best way and know how to have fun as a couple. We happen to be partial to their wedding date because we share one with them. So, spending our 1st anniversary was the best way to celebrate! Both of their families and all of their friends were so kind. As soon as we started the day we felt as though we were surrounding by many friends we had known for years.

Jessica and Chris, may you have so many years of hugging each other every day for the rest of your lives. We couldn’t have asked for anyone better to spend the day with and we are so thankful we got to share your day with you! So, in these next years to come, don’t forget to love hard and forgive a lot. We are so happy for the two of you!


Lauren + Daniel | Ault Park

While living in South Carolina, a chance encounter for an extreme need of bug spray crossed the paths of these two. Two things that were just a part of modern day life turned into something more beautiful, moving closer to family and finishing college at the University of South Carolina. Their love story began a little over 3 years ago in the middle of an aisle, followed by a slip of her phone number at the checkout counter that quickly led into several dates.

These two have a intense passion for one another. Their laughter and care-free love is something I long to see at every session. They are empowering, not only to each other but to the world! They are confident and complement each other in all ways possible. When they started giggling with each other within the first five minutes of the session, I knew they would have killer images. Alongside of that, they kept complimenting me the whole session, ingraining in my head how thankful and confident that were with choosing the perfect photographer for them.

Lauren and Daniel are the kind of clients who are more than that. They’re friends. They will be friends for years because they’re just so kind. Wes and I are so happy for you both and we can’t wait to stand beside you photographing the best day of your lives, with tissues in hand.


Rahul + Ellen | Cincinnati, OH

It all started as a friendship 8 years ago in biology. These Miami Mergers had no idea what was to develop but something evolved their sophomore year that was undeniable. After graduating, Rahul moved to West Virginia for medical school and Ellen to Columbus for veterinary school. So they had to juggle a long distance relationship while in professional school, helping them realize that their love for one another was worth every minute spent apart.

Now they are together and coparents of an adorable one year old golden retriever, Ollie. They are so excited to continue their journey planning out their perfect wedding. They added the perfect touch of romance into their engagement session while letting go and having fun while doing so. Ollie had the worlds best treats to help him cooperate(apples and carrots)and he sure has the worlds best mom and dad that love him so much.

Wes and I are so incredibly excited to join you both next year for your wedding. We have no doubts that it is going to be beautiful just as you both are. We are thankful for you and can’t wait to walk alongside you, helping you and being there for anything you need.